Soaking Up Some Sun

After my photo shoot this morning in Mist, I went for a dip in the ocean at Costa del Sol, then did a little sun worshiping!  There is just something about being naked in the ocean.  The water feels so good on your skin.  It has a cleansing feeling

The water was so warm and relaxing.

Oh yes!  Sun!  Mmmm feel so good on my skin.

Hi! 💕

So I spent a good part of the day thinking about Psyiah, the cute kitten I met yesterday.  I wish I was brave enough to invite her to join me.  But then again, maybe it is best to wait a day or two?  I don’t want to come off as pushy.

Thinking about Psyiah.

No tan lines here!

Photo Shoot on the Beach

Had a wonderful photo shoot on the beach in Mist today.  Hope you enjoy!
It was a beautiful sunny day!
Say Cheese!
No tan lines!🌞

The sun feels so good on my body!

My boobs are so perky! Don’t you think?

One of my favorite sunset shots!

XOXO – Until Next Time! 💕

Two Kittens Meet

I Met a New Friend!

While out adventuring today I met a new friend.  Her name is ‘Psyiah Loken’.  We goofed off a little on the beach at Costa del Sol and had a lot of fun.  She seems like a very friendly kitten but also reserved.  That is to say, she respects herself and her own body.  She was hesitant to go topless with me on the beach but eventually opened up to the idea.  I really hope to see her again!

The Beach

It all started with just some curiosity. She was so mysterious but so flirty, it also helped she was so hot. Not sure what came over me, but I decided to just go with her to the beach. She was so sweet to me, and well, a bit naughty too! We talked for a bit, and we sat on the beach and it was such a beautiful day too. Then, she just took off her top! I was shocked, and I resisted, but… she made me feel so attractive, and something about her made me trust her. So I did it, I actually took up my top! In the public beach!! Oh gods, it was so exciting! Annimae was her name, and she was so fun. 

I hope to see her again!

In the Beginning….

First Post

Hi everyone!  My name is Annimae Nalani (Nalani means ‘of the heavens’ by the way).  I’m a young adventurer who just landed in Gridania.  I hear this land, which they call Eorzia, is full of adventure and well, strife.  Since the calamity many folks come to the various cities here in search of adventure, work and even fortune.  I come looking to start a new life.  I am just starting out with my skills as a lancer and am hoping to put them to good use here.

Hi!  My name is Annimae



Buying a new chocobo



Meet Fridwyb!

I will be blogging my adventures here, so feel free to “bookmark” me in your portable linkshell communicator  (PLC for short) and follow along.  See you in Eorzia!

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