Unicorns and Bunny Ears

Today is my birthday, and I spent it alone. I was sad, but I rode my unicorn! It was cute, and my outfit was cuter! But… she was not around at least during the day. Ugh, so jealous! But she is such a nice kitten, I really missed her today. But I understand that she was with her. I did get to see her at the end of the day though! Oh she is so pretty! We took some pictures with one of her friends. It was such a beautiful sunset. Oh Annimea… >///<


My Crush

We hung out again! Oh gosh… I SOO have a crush on her! Ahh!! I can’t believe I just wrote that! She is so fun to be around! I wanted to remember that day so I took a selfie! I can’t stop looking at it! She is soo pretty! What a great way to end the day!


A Warm Welcome

So, I totally saw her apartment! I saw her bed, and oh gods! I was so nervous! She welcomed me and gave me so many things! She is so sweet! Oh gods, my heart… its pounding! She is SOO hot! She is so nice though, so glad I can call her my friend!

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