Operation: Surprise Party

So, I have been getting this thing organized for a while now. It was a bit last minute but when I realize my wife’s birthday was going to be on a Monday, I had to do something this weekend! So it started with getting in touch with some of her and my closest friends. It then followed by getting decorations setup and a Namesday cake!
The house was set! Dance Floor and all!
Cake that Marielle made! She helped so much! Thank you girl! β™₯

I got all dolled up for my wife, I got the dress she gave me and colored it.

Gods I love this dress! Thank you Anni! β™₯


Finally getting all the close friends gathered and setup and ready for Annimae to arrive! Oh I was nervous!

The special operations team: Party Goers getting ready to welcome my wife home! 😜
Then Anni arrived and we all shouted “Surprise Happy Namesday!” Oh It was so much fun!
We danced and had lots of fun! We all got Anni some presents! Everyone came through! It was so great! Thank you guys! I love you all!! πŸ’“
The house was full with such great friends!

So much fun!
Finally we shared all gave some gifts and I took a photo of Anni! She was sooo happy! It made my day! So much planning, so much coordination… all of it WORTH IT!

Matching dresses! A gift from Finny!

I love you Annimae Nalani, I love you so much.
Happy Namesday darling!Β 

My beautiful wife… my birthday girl! πŸ’‹

It was such a wonderful evening, filled with wonderful friends and so much love to my beautiful Anni.
Happy Namesday my love, I hope you enjoyed being special. You are worth everyone second it took to plan that.

I love you. πŸ’‹πŸ’˜


Valentione Event

So it all started with me asking Anni to be my valentine. And she said yes! 😍
πŸ’• πŸ’— πŸ’˜

Next, we went to head off to complete the event, and had some fun doing it! β™₯

This event is so cute! 😊

Then we began to just give each other kisses. 😚 πŸ’‹

Oh gods! Are those my panties?!  😊

Β It was not long until we both fell asleep. It was a long day for both of us, but this event was a cute way to end the day! I love you Annimae, you can easily turn any ‘bad day’ into a wonderful one, by just you being you! πŸ’“ πŸ’ž 😚


A busy day…

Β So what a night… I got back home late, and I missed my wife SOOO much. Between the work at the dojo and my archery training, just had almost no time to do much today. But I had time to see my wife before bed. I gave her a big hug! She makes everything go away!

Training At the Dojo  😑

Getting exhausted at the Dojo 😑 

Looking for my target 😣
Preparing to draw my arrow…
I love her hugs! β™₯

That hug turned into me kissing her neck. Then… I left her a mark. From there, we just went to bed. I love snuggling up to her before bed. She makes me so happy and takes away all issues from the day. Thank you Anni, for being such a wonderful Kitten. I love you so much!

She makes coming home so the best part of the day. β™₯

Later that evening…

Tonight was such a great night! It started off with me getting such a cute hat in the mail! I so had to get a cute outfit together so I could wear it! I know priorities! If Anni was there when I was putting it together she would say, ‘I never knew the hat was part of the MSQ!’ Oh gods, I know I crack myself up. πŸ˜‚
My Cute New Outfit!
Later, I met up with Anni and, well my camera totally went off by accident. It TOTALLY did!! I am so innocent! πŸ˜‡
Here we are on the way back from kicking some butt! We are some tough kitties!! Rawr~πŸ˜ͺ 😻
This… this was an intimate moment. It felt like everything around us just went away. It was just her and me standing there… I love her sooo much!! 😍
No words needed. πŸ’“
We finally went to bed. Our routine is very intimate, and a new addiction. πŸ’–
Goodnight my love! Dream of me!πŸ˜ͺ
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