The Beginning

Psyiah got up and locked a collar around my neck.

Master Psyiah and Master Anni have encouraged me to write down my thoughts so, here I go.

I never thought that I would get here. It initially started as just a meet-up, a friendly visit to make some new friends. When I got there the first person I met was Anni. Gods was she gorgeous… She was sitting on the beach and called me over. We talked a bit for a little before Psyiah soon arrived, looking very attractive while still in her armor . I remember being so nervous and shy around them, not knowing what to say or talk about but they treated me very well. They helped me come out of my shell and soon after invited me inside! We got to know each very well afterwards hehe….
Anyways, flash forward to a few days later they invited me over again for some dinner. I was told to dress somewhat formally so I donned the dress that my sister had given the last time I had seen her, but that’s a story for another time. Once I got inside the tea house I remember seeing the two dressed up very, um, lewd… for lack of a better word. I felt so out of place in my dress but brushed it off. Dinner was super nice, Psyiah has some of the best chefs working for her and I got to eat food from my homeland that I haven’t had in ages! We chatted some more, drank some sake, all in all it was going really nice until I saw Anni nod to Psyiah. That’s where it all began.

Psyiah got up and locked a collar around my neck. I didn’t noticed it til I heard the ‘click’ and then I realized what happened. See, I used to have an owner long before meeting the Nalanis. We were very close, almost more than Master and Pet at one point until they disappeared, but that too is also a story for another time. But having that experience let me know what was going on, and like a switch I knew exactly what to do. They explained to me that I was now theirs and that I would no longer have free will. I understood completely. From that moment on, I would live to please them.

After the initial introduction and such, they inspected my body very carefully. It felt like I was under a microscope with how detailed they were looking over me. But it was alright since I knew they wanted the finest pet they could get. Luckily I passed their examinations and afterward we cuddled nicely on the bed!

Ugh, my writing hand is starting to get cramped now and I have lots of cleaning to catch up on. I’ll be sure to continue writing my thoughts and experiences down soon. I’m definitely looking forward to more adventures with my new owners.

But for now, toodles!

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