Just Innocent 69

“Lets go now hunny. Come…”, Anni beckoned to her kitten.
“Continuing where we left off?” Ika was anxious to return to their intimate moment.
Anni giggled. “I was about to eat you out.”
“C-can kitten eat you out at same time?”
“Mmmmm, I would love that!” Anni took her kitten by the hand and led her over to the newly renovated living room.
Ika giggled, “It makes it more intense as each of us moans.”
“Oh yea! Totally.” Anni laid down on her back and spreads her legs, ready to 69 with her kitten. Ika moved to sit on Anni’s face as she started to eat out Anni’s tight pussy. Anni began by kissing all over Ika’s pussy. She then moved to her lips and playfully tugs on each one. Anni loves the taste of her kitty’s pussy and wants to enjoy it. Ika moans a little as she still has cum dripping while she nibbles on each pussy lip, swirling her tongue between them. Anni laps up the droplets of cum and copies her kitty, licking her pussy lips with her tongue. Anni plays with kitten’s sweet pussy, not in a hurry to make her orgasm. Ika moans quietly as she licks down from Anni’s clit to between her pussy lips then back and forth slowly feeling every spot with her tongue. Anni traces lines with her tongue, going over and around her kitten’s most sensitive area. She maps out every little wrinkle, every fold. She gives more soft kisses all over kitten’s beautiful flower. Kitten, still being super sensitive, squirts a little more as Anni goes to lick making it squirt in her throat. Anni feels her kitten shiver and opens her mouth just in time. The warm cum coats her tongue and goes down her throat. Anni keeps her mouth open and presses it over Ika’s dripping pussy. Her upper lip would tickle Ika’s clit a bit. Kitten moans again, louder, vibrating Anni’s pussy as she squirts again unable to control her body. Ika starts to bury her tongue into Anni’s pussy while using a finger to rub her clit. Anni swallows all the delicious nectar. Her tongue goes over Ika’s opening top to bottom and back. Over and over Anni teases her kitten then finally pushes her tongue deep. Meanwhile Anni’s own pussy is soaking wet. Precum runs from it as she gets more and more excited. Ika swallows all Anni’s precum as she keeps licking and sucking and eating Anni out passionately savoring all of it. Anni shivers. A wave of pleasure crashes over her body. Starting with her breasts, nipples grow hard, her tummy becomes firm and her toes curl. Her pussy contracts delivering a warm, creamy load to her girlfriend’s mouth. Anni trembles and resumes licking around Ika’s clit. Ika eats all her cum as she pinches Anni’s clit with her lips making it super intense.
“Ooooomph!” Anni moans into Ika’s pussy. The pinch makes Anni squirt out a short burst of her nectar. Anni’s hands massage Ika’s bum, a sign she liked that lil pinch. She returns her focus to Ika’s sensitive clit and continues to play with it with the tip of her tongue. She would swirl her tongue around inside Ika’s opening then lick her clit. Over and over Anni repeated this process, thoroughly enjoying it. Kitten moans more as she pinches Anni’s clit more repetitively.
“Kitten loves her Anni so much.” She pinches Anni’s clit harder.
“Mmmmmm” Anni moans louder. She smirks, knowing her kitten is loving this. The last of Anni’s cum runs from her pussy but she is just as excited as an hour ago. Every touch of Ika’s tongue turns Anni on again. Anni uses the pad of her finger to massage Ika’s clit while pushing her tongue deep inside. Ika pinches Anni’s clit faster and a little harder.
“Kitten can only cum one more time Anni.” Ika warns. Anni nods slightly but doesn’t stop. She wants more, she wants that last delicious taste of her kitten. Her own body shivers a bit and lets go. Cum runs from her pussy. Not as much this time, and a little thicker. She keeps working Ika over. Ika moans louder as she gets closer to cumming more while she finishes eating out Anni. Anni moans, her orgasm ramping down. She rubs her kittens clit a bit more and pinches it, but not too hard. Her kitten is very sensitive and Anni doesn’t want to cause too much pain. She follows the pinch with a kiss which turns into gentle licks of the clit. Ika kitten squirts hard as she screams in pleasure, cumming hard. Squirting deep in Anni’s throat. Anni quickly seals her mouth around Ika’s pussy and drinks down all the sweet juices. She moans happily, her tail finds her lover’s and curls around it.
“k-kitten cant take an-anymore!” Ika screams again as she keeps squirting clawing Anni’s thighs tightly. Anni freezes, only swallowing. The smooth cum coats her tongue, Anni swallows it all happily. Once she’s sure Ika is finished, Anni unlatches and gives Ika’s pussy a kiss.
“Mmmmmm delicious!” Anni comments, causing Ika to blush.
“K-kitten feels amazing.”
Anni smiles. “Come, kitten. Turn around so I can hold you.”
Ika would turn around. The two Miqo’te embraced, both exhausted and purring.

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Author: Annimae

I was raised in the village of Forgotten Springs, just along the western edge of the Sagolii Desert. My parents were shop keeps in town. I worked with them until I was of age, at whence time I set out on my own to take up the life of an adventurer. Its been 3 years now and I've experienced some wonderful things. Participated in the Dragonsong Wars, and freed Ala Mhigo.

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