Happy Valentine’s Day

Blanche & Anni spend a quiet Valentine’d Day together.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

ffxiv_dx11 2020-02-14 21-29-00

ffxiv_dx11 2020-02-14 21-27-19

ffxiv_dx11 2020-02-14 22-03-35

ffxiv_dx11 2020-02-14 22-05-44

Annimae and I have been busy with life, adjusting to my transformation…but we have a stronger bond than ever and cherish each other like never before.

ffxiv_dx11 2020-02-14 22-26-02

ffxiv_dx11 2020-02-14 22-36-57

ffxiv_dx11 2020-02-14 22-36-17

ffxiv_dx11 2020-02-14 22-38-46

This year’s Valentine’s day was very relaxed and intimate. There’s nothing like spending the day intertwined with your soulmate.

Author: Blanche


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