Today I woke up alone to an empty house. Anni was, sadly, already gone for the day… I got up and decided to take some ME time!

Leaving the house I saw I had mail!

A new swimsuit!

A dear friend of mine sent me a rare swimsuit I wanted for a very long time! How awesome is this! I totally knew how I was going to spend the day the minute I tried it on.

Beach day!

A swim at Costa del Sol
Sadly it got cloudy…

After the sun decided to hide its nose in La Noscea, I decided to go spend the rest of the day in Kugane!

A little soak at the Bokaisen Hot Springs
A walk at the Rakusui Gardens in Kugane
Kogane Dori Markets

Although I missed Anni’s presence very much, today wasn’t so bad!

Author: Blanche


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