A Soul Within A Ring

A few days ago I did something special with the scale that I was gifted. I went to a jeweler and had him carefully, and with much dedication, add the scale to a band I picked out. After a day, he made the most beautiful ring with a scale on it. It cost a lot of gil, but it was worth every coin, as my love for Aika has no money value… for love knows no bounds.

I showed her the ring and what I did with the part of soul that she gave me. She was very happy and felt honored by my gesture. I even helped her with her house and made it all a large surprise. She loved it. With the help of my wife Annimae, I had the mostly decorated and ready for her.

I gave her a tour and she really loved it. We cuddled and talked for a bit and enjoyed each others company. It was nice.

She means so much to me, and she has shown she loves me, and I wanted to repay her and let her know that I also love her dearly.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-09-03 02-50-58
My sweet dragon girl

I love you Aika Suria.



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