Welcomed Home

Anni melts with love as her wife grabs her, her loins already tingle from being exposed to the air.

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni leaps at Psyiah hugging her tight. Anni is wearing a new set of lingerie.  The panties are open around her pussy, showing it off.*

(Annimae Nalani) hey honey! welcome home!

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah grabs Anni’s body and hugs her tightly. She holds her and does not let go. She kisses Anni all over, almost as she has not seen her for a long time*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni giggles as she is peppered with kisses.* oh! hehe  *Anni melts in her wife’s arms*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah moves her hand down to Anni’s butt and lifts her off the floor. She grips her butt cheeks and continues to kiss Anni on her cheek, nose, lips, and all over her face.*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni melts with love as her wife grabs her, her loins already tingle from being exposed to the air.  She wraps her legs around Psy’s hips as Psy holds onto her ass.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah continues to pepper her wife with kisses. She pulls Anni’s butt cheeks apart as she grabs her ass. She begins to kiss her wife a bit more sensually. Her lips move to lock with Anni’s lips.*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni puts a hand to the back of Psyiah’s head and lightly scratches at her neck, she opens her mouth and begins to passionately kiss her wife.  She is quickly swept up in her wife’s passion.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah slides her tongue inside of Anni’s mouth. She adjusts Anni’s body as she holds her up. Psyiah moans a bit as she makes out with her wife passionately. Her fingers on her ass begin to get closer to Anni’s flower.*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni swirls her tongue around Psyiah’s and sucks on it a bit, her loins begin to throb as she feels Psyiah’s fingers getting closer and closer to her exposed pussy.  Anni’s heart races.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah moans again kissing her wife. She whimpers sexually as she feels her wife suck on her tongue. She blushes and clearly enjoys it as her passion ramps up. She moans at Anni as she kisses her wife* Necklace… pill… *she says returning quickly to kiss her wife, hinting for Anni to give her a pill that is on her own necklace*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni feels for Psyiah’s locket, not taking her lips off Psyiah’s mouth, she finds the pill inside and slips it into Psyiah’s mouth before returning to kiss her again.  Anni whimpers and moans anxious to feel her wife penetrate her dripping pussy.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah grips her wife, and passionately yanks her own panties down from her armor. She resumes holding Anni up by her ass, as she prepares for her member to grow. She moans into Anni’s mouth and she feels her member begging to enter Anni’s wet pussy.* MMmm.. *she moans as her hard cock tease Anni’s folds.*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni can feel Psyiah’s cock prod at her pussy as it begins to grow.  Anni is well lubricated so it pushes it as it get longer.  Anni gasps as she feels it get bigger and bigger inside her.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah moans and continues to kiss her wife, making out passionately with her. She readjusts her wife, wanting to give her what she wants. She moves her arms under Anni’s knees to spread her open even more. She can feel her member quickly becomes its full length inside of her wife. She balances herself on the grass and beings to pound her wife, to give her a good fucking she deserves… that she carves, and that Psyiah wants to give.*


(Annimae Nalani) *Anni moans through the kisses as she feels Psyiah reach her full size and stretches Anni open wide.    Anni’s arms hug around Psy’s neck as she begins to bounce on Psy’s hard cock.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah moans as she fucks her wife. She moans and slaps her wife’s ass as she enjoys making passionate love to her. She grips Anni’s ass with her other hand as she drills her hard member deep into her wife. Precum splashes around her cock as she fucks her wife.*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni is soon panting and gasping for air, unable to keep kissing. Her mouth goes to Psyiah’s neck and she moans loudly.  Her pussy is dripping wet with precum.  She can feel Psy push through her cervix and pound into the back of her womb.  There is a sharp pain but she winces and bears it.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah moans and continues to fuck her wife. She moans and whimpers.* Fuck… I’ve missed you… Gods your pussy feels so good! *she moans letting Anni see more of her neck as she tilts her head a bit. She grips Anni’s ass again and pounds harder, pushing her member in and out of Anni’s womb.*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni’s fangs let down without her noticing.  Her hot breath is right on Psyiah’s neck.  She groans, whimpers and gasps as Psy is relentless.  Anni’s claws grip Psy’s armor as Anni hangs on.  There is an unexpected sharp pain as Psy rams Anni just right causing a lot of pain.  As a reaction, Anni bites down, sinking her teeth into Psyiah’s soft neck.*

(Psyiah Nalani) OH YES! *Psyiah moans loudly. She grips her wife’s hips tightly and begins to pound her wife even harder in response to Anni’s bite. Skin slapping becomes louder and wet. Psyiah can feel precum pouring down her legs into her boots. She revels as she can feel her wife’s pussy tightly hug her hard, throbbing cock. Her member grows even harder inside of Anni from the intense passion.*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni clamors over Psyiah as the cock grows inside her, Anni’s pussy is forced to stretch even further. Anni cries out, releasing her bite from Psyiah.* MEOW!!!!  Anni’s orgasms hard, her pussy contracts around the cock and cum simply pours from her pussy.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah feels Anni’s pussy contract around her cock and she moans and whimpers. She does not stop pounding her wife, but rather increases speed. She can feel her member throb intensely as she feels she is about to orgasm as well. Cum and precum splashes everywhere as she fucks her wife* FFffffuuuckk!! *She yelps loudly*

(Annimae Nalani) *with cum running down Psy’s legs from Anni’s pussy, Anni becomes light headed, her cunt is being pounded hard and Psyiah is feeling so good it hits Anni in all the night places.  She doesn’t lose consciousness but she definitely goes limp as her body is used and fucked good and hard.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah continues to pound her wife, until she is cut off suddenly as her cock explodes inside of her wife’s womb. She pushes in deeply and pump her hot cum inside of her wife. She snaps down onto Anni’s neck and bites hard. She feels the blood in her mouth and begins to suck and swallow. Just like a fierce lioness taking prey, her grip on Anni becomes primal as she places her seed inside of her wife.*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni’s body instinctively freezes.  Blood pours from her neck as her wife sucks it from her all the while pumping semen into her womb.  Anni whimpers as she is used like a breeding slut yet she loves it.  The giant cock pulses as it delivers load after load of hot, thick semen to her tiny body.  Anni’s tight cervix lets none escape her womb.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah growls as she continues to bite her prey. Her claws grip onto her wife’s skin. She feels her cock slow down the pumping as she begins to thrust once more. The member does not go away, rather remains. She growls as she quickly ramps up the speed once more to pound her wife hard*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni remains in a bit of shock as her wife doesn’t stop pounding her good and hard.  She can feel her wife’s feral nature coming out and it amplifies between them.  Anni comes around and begins to whimper and moan, her legs still wrapped around her wife’s waist, Anni’s cunt is wide open, no wonder Psyiah hasn’t stopped.  Anni’s mouth reuturns to Psyiah’s neck where she begins to bite her once more, Anni’s claws grip at Psy’s back.*


(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah growls sexually feeling Anni bit her neck. In response she pulls back and snaps back onto Anni’s skin on her neck, making new marks. Her fang yet again piercing her wife’s soft skin. She can feel her cock push into Anni’s womb, feeling the warm cum coat her head. She revels in the primal sexual nature that has taken over her. She pounds at her wife once more and moans feeling herself about to explode once more. She yelps out loud before she cums* AAANNIII!!!!

(Annimae Nalani) *With her arms still up over Psy’s shoulders, Anni hangs on as her wife loses herself in Anni’s body.  Anni sucks blood from Psyiah’s neck and yelps where her own neck is bitten again.  Anni feels the pain for a moment but it is quickly washed away from the pleasure of having her wife’s cock deep inside her pussy.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah pumps her last load into Anni as she pulls back from biting her wife. Her legs shake as she orgasms. Cum and precum running down her legs as she feels herself calming down a bit.* Oh… f-fuck… *she says panting and trying to catch her breath. Her cock still deep inside of Anni*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni pants and moans as she feels her wife deliver yet more semen to her womb.  Some escapes but most of Psy’s cum remains trapped inside Anni’s tight pussy.  She whimpers and moans as she licks the wound on Psy’s neck.  She kisses it and slowly lets her legs down to stand once more.  Psy’s cock remains inside her, as it finishes delivering cum to Anni’s womb.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah looks into Anni’s eyes and stares passionately. She does not say anything else, but rather stare deeply into Anni’s beautiful purple eyes. She holds onto Anni, feeling her cock still inside of her wife.*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni catches her breath and stares right back.  She smiles and realizes Psyiah’s orgasm is only just now slowing down, pushing the last of her cum into Anni.  Anni gives Psyiah’s lips a soft kiss before slowly letting Psy pull out.  Anni gets down on her knees and proceeds to lick and suck her wife clean before the futa cock disappears.*


(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah moans and enjoys the sensation of Anni’s mouth on her. Soon the member disappears and Psyiah giggles while panting as her wife licks above her mound. She looks down and helps her wife up.* Gods…. *she says as her breath finally begins to calm down some more.*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni kisses Psy’s mound and stands up to hug onto her wife.* hehe, welcome home hunny.  How was work?

Author: Annimae

I was raised in the village of Forgotten Springs, just along the western edge of the Sagolii Desert. My parents were shop keeps in town. I worked with them until I was of age, at whence time I set out on my own to take up the life of an adventurer. Its been 3 years now and I've experienced some wonderful things. Participated in the Dragonsong Wars, and freed Ala Mhigo.

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