A Day with Kasumi

She had a little skip in her step as she showed me around, clearly happy to share this part of her life with me.

Life has been so busy lately, its been hard finding time to do all the things I want to do.  Today I had to just stop and make time for my sweet girlfriend.  We have been meaning to get together for a while now but either her or I have had something come up!

Kasumi had a special day planned for us.  I was so excited to join her, I almost couldn’t stand it.  I met her at Kugane Center where she led me around showing me the sights in the city where she grew up.  She had a little skip in her step as she showed me around, clearly happy to share this part of her life with me.

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She showed me the housing district where many of her school mates lived, at one end was the day spa where we would later end up.  She took me past the restaurant she wants to take me to sometime.  The city was magnificent.  The government has clearly spend money on beautification, taking pride in the city and showing it off to outsiders.  The locals we passed were all very friendly, many recognized Kas and waved to her as we passed by.

Once in the market I asked her about her home, where she grew up.  Then she took me there.  Let me just say this: HOLY SHIT!

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She explained how her mother grew up nearby and returned to the area later, with her father, to have her and raise a family.  Her mother came from a family of money but she despised it, instead choosing the life of a sailor’s wife.

After talking about her childhood and a brief summary of mine, we headed back across the city to the spa.  We slipped into our bikinis and found a nice spot by a waterfall to relax and enjoy each other’s company. We talked for what seemed like hours.  I cherished every moment of it.

Kasumi and I snuggled and made out as the spray from the falls coated our bodies in a fine mist.  Our hands explored each other and slowly shed our bikinis from our bodies. We slid in close, letting our loins mesh.  She was soft and warm as she rubbed herself on me.  Our clits tickling each other as we began to make love in the water.  Our nipples rubbed on one another, becoming erect under the sensation.  My soul ached to be with her in that moment, smelling her, holding her, loving her.  With my arms around her I whimpered, she too was at her peak.  We gave into lust and came together.  I could feel her quiver and shake as she experienced a moment of euphoria.

I’ve fallen for her.  And fallen hard, I might add.  She is one of the sweetest kittens I have ever met.  She is gentle and loving.  She has a big heart and is always considering how her actions might make others feel.  I’m not sure why the gods decided to bring her into my life but the heavens know I sure am glad they did.  She is my girlfriend and one kitten I hope I will be with for a very long time.

I love you Kasumi! xoxo

Author: Annimae

I was raised in the village of Forgotten Springs, just along the western edge of the Sagolii Desert. My parents were shop keeps in town. I worked with them until I was of age, at whence time I set out on my own to take up the life of an adventurer. Its been 3 years now and I've experienced some wonderful things. Participated in the Dragonsong Wars, and freed Ala Mhigo.

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