To my dearest Annimae,

I sit here in my new office, in the Astrologian Lab and can’t stop thinking about you. A new page within our life has turned and another day in my world has become better. I sit here and think back to the days we were in our previous relationships. I think how much has changed and what really made everything move to in a better and happier direction.

We supported each other through the heartbreak, and even before then, we were good friends. I was always excited to see you, and just hang out with you. Even now, I get so excited when I get home or even at work, when I see you. I thought you were the coolest girl I ever met, and I still do. I confided in you with all my thoughts, and always enjoyed going on adventures with you. It is truly amazing how much has changed in such a positive way.

Then a new chapter opened up with the introduction of your Master, and although it was strange at first and it took some getting used to, it went from something that affected only you, to both of us. Because of that, we have met some wonderful people that we can confidently call our friends. This new chapter in our life has grown into something that I hold very close to my heart. Our friends share a place in there, and I have grown to become very protective of them.

With my heart filled with happiness, and a smile on my face, I am eager to move on to the new adventures that await us in the next chapter of our life together.

I love you.

With a lot of love and devotion,
Your Wife, Psyiah Nalani

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