Orientation: Hell Week – Day Two Pt.6

I woke up from the pain that was put on my body. I felt out of breath and beyond exhausted. I was on the ground and was looking up. I was all of the instructors looking at me as they crowded me.

“You made it Nalani.” Was what I heard from SGT Molo. Tears ran down the sides of my face as I felt a huge relief from it all. The instructors brought me up to my feet and explained to me what happened.

It was all just a game, a game of pressure and pain. Who can out last and prove their will to remain is strong. They expected only two to stay, but instead 5… 5 people out of 40 applicants. That is almost 90% drop out rate. It is impressive, but the instructors told me something that I won’t ever forget.

“We did not expect you to get this far, to outlast this long. You have impressed us Nalani, with your courage, your perserverance and your will power. We are proud of you.”

What got me through it all was my wife. I kept thinking about her and her love for me kept me going. My journey does not end here, but rather I get to do some more training, this time with a dedicated team, and less stressful. Monday morning I get move on to the next phase, and I look forward on it.

-Psyiah Nalani

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