A Welcome Home

There is someone that helped me through it all, and I cannot express my love for her. She is wonderful, loving, caring, funny, smart, beautiful, a good listener, sexy, and my best friend.

She is always there when I am in need of support, she always knows how to cheer me,up when I am done. It is hard to find someone with this serious connection.

Annimae Nalani is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I want to share a story with you the reader

Back then, when Anni mentioned about her wanting to get owned, I was unsure of the journey it could lead. It seemed odd of a request. As time went on, I began to realize that her master feared she might come between me and Anni, and after having a long conversation with her, we came into an understanding. And with that time, I began to get a serious crush on her. What she shares with Anni is special, and I support my wife on this. Her master understands that Anni is my wife, and that I share her with her. But never have I ever made it known to make that a point. Her master is my friend, and I care for her. She is understanding and cares for both me and Anni. Her master is special, special to Anni and me.

Anni knows this, and she too understands, she understands that both her master and me demand her body.

This weekend, I reminded her of that. Her body belongs to us, and we enjoy it very much. We had sex in the bathtub and I ended fisting her. She came so many times, and punished her pussy as I rammed my hand in her. It was so hot. She shook and trembled as she orgasmed. I then propped myself on the edge of the tub and she began to eat my pussy. She made me squirt so hard. The sexual excitement and passion of not having sex for so many days was unleashed that night.

It was a great way to be welcomed home to. I missed my wife’s touch dearly. Her touch, her mouth, her lust for me always gets me so aroused.

I love my friends and my wife very much.

-Psyiah Nalani

3 thoughts on “A Welcome Home”

  1. You are my sweetheart and the love of my life. You are my soulmate, made and crafted for me by the gods themselves. Thank you for being the most wonderful, loving wife a kitten could ask for and thank you for supporting the relationship I have built with my owner. I truly am a VERY lucky kitten. ♥


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