A “Shower”

…all three times she squirted into my open pussy.

My wife jumped me this morning, filled with lust the tackled me and began to fuck me on the bed.  She rode me hard as we tribbed.  I reached down and pulled my pussy open, inviting Psyiah to cum inside me.  And she didn’t disappoint!  With my finger rubbing her clit, she came three times, all three times she squirted into my open pussy.

I folded my labia over and placed a wide piece of sports tape over my pussy.  I carried my wife’s juices around with me all day.  This evening I put them to good use.  I removed the tape and squirted my wife’s cum all over her and my master.  I sprayed it all over their faces and chests.  I watched as they swallowed some and “spit swapped” it into each other’s mouths.

By the end of the evening all three of us were on the carpet having sex and pleasuring each other, covered in each other’s juices..  A fine evening it was!

Author: Annimae

I was raised in the village of Forgotten Springs, just along the western edge of the Sagolii Desert. My parents were shop keeps in town. I worked with them until I was of age, at whence time I set out on my own to take up the life of an adventurer. Its been 3 years now and I've experienced some wonderful things. Participated in the Dragonsong Wars, and freed Ala Mhigo.

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