The Feelings Within Pt. 2

Upon returning from my trips, my training sessions, I feel like an outsider coming back to an new environment. Like something was missing to this world… And it is me.

I hear stories, and things that I missed. I laugh, smile, and,enjoy the catching up. I hear about what happened and what did I miss.

But then… That dreaded feeling comes back… The feeling of the previous chapter not connecting to the one I am on. I feel a bit lost, confused, and scared…

I dread this feeling, I do not like it, but it is always there… Looming its dark and evil head around each corner. It hides and waits for it to see that I am not paying attention, then it attacks.

The feelings within are always going to be there, always going to haunt me. But I recently found I have more power… More power than the darkness leads me to believe.

I have the power of love.

I found it useful and noticing how it can make those dark feelings go away… Just for a little while at least.

I will continue to fight these feelings, each time I leave and when I come back, but I now, know what connects the chapters together… And that is love.

The feelings within… My heart will keep me moving forward, and not giving up.

I love her…

-Psyiah Nalani

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