Quickie in Mist

Apparently Psyiah wanted a taste.  She randomly got on her knees and pulled me in close.  Right in public!


It was quick, delicious, oral sex.  The spontaneity of it got me all excited!


Lets just say, it was so good, I made a mess on her! Soon after we headed to the shower to clean up.


Spontaneous sex is awesome.  It removes you from the hustle and bustle of every-day life and reminds you: “This kitty here, is what is important.  Nothing else matters.”


Take time out of your busy day to be spontaneous.  Your relationship will grow.


During the summer, the air at night feels so cool and warm at the same time. I was going to meditate before I headed to bed, but then decided to take a few pics with the wonderful lighting. I think it came out good…

Being naked feels good!

Being a Paladin, I feel more fit! 😘

Peace and serenity

~Psyiah 💜

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