A Pirate and her Kitten

So my wife and I decided to try something new… and we went to Sastasha and did a bit of RolePlay… it was… well, let me just show you on how hot it was! 😏


I found this pretty lass out walking around… in MY cave! I think she is lost… 😏 but does not really understand… that she will never be able to leave! 😼
 She actually thinks I will show her the way out?! HA! She is all mine!!
Look at her all scared! She does not know what is coming to her!! I will show her… the “way” out for sure! 😼
For now I am playing along.. ‘Sure… I’ll help you find you way home…’ HA! Such a gullible girl!
 I then proceeded to show my true intentions on her… I have her cornered…
I can tell she is liking what I am doing… such a naughty little kitten… 😼
I spent the rest of the session… pleasuring her… over and over… rawr….. 😼
It was such a hot session… I did things to Anni that I didn’t even know I would even enjoy! Oh gods… it was so hot! The rest of the details… well.. lets just say they are way to naughty to post on here 😍😄
Times like these makes me ever grateful for my wife… her mind is always thinking of new things to try out and… well I feel so safe to share the things that I want to do with her as well. She is my best friend and my lover who understands me and well… can be soo naughty at times!
Thank you for such a sexy and wonderful time in there my love… so hot too! Rawr~♥
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