Wonderful Memories…

Looking back to how much we have grown, you really make my life… our lives together simply amazing. 

Us Before… Almost 3 Years Ago
Us Today… 💘

Visiting the Church to see our friend get married made me a bit nostalgic. It feels as if it was just yesterday that we got married. That day… such a wonderful day. Our lives began a new chapter, a wonderful chapter as wives. 

At the Chapel 😊
Memories… 😌
Wonderful Memories… 😘

We may have bad days, we will have good days, we might even fight at some point, but I know this… we will always have each other, and being with you is worth every second of my life on this world, every fiber in me… you are everything to me.

Feeling Sexy…

At the Beach…

I love you Annimae, now, forever and always.

I love being naked with you… 😍
Feeling Sexy With You…
Naked Cuddles…
~Psy 💋

Cake by the Ocean

Gods….Psyiah and I are very naughty.  Not that it’s something we’ve never done before, but we definitely had sex on the beach today.  She is so amazingly hot, I just can’t keep my hands off her!


My cutiepie. ♥



Being with her brings me peace.

 After tribbing, we were starting to calm down, and she started nibbling on my neck!  Gods she turns me on.

She nibbled on my neck

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