Feeling Special

I woke up this morning to a lovely note from my wife today.  She left it for me on my portable linkshell device.  It touched my heart and made me cry a little.  I wanted to share it:

My dear Annimae, 

You have truly captured something special within me. I write this with a heart filled with pure love. As I sit here in our living room in our house, I can’t help but look around. To look around and see the wonderful memories we have shared and to imagine what is yet to come. I smile and just think of all times we have laughed and shared our love with each other. Words cannot express the happiness you bring to my life… our life. Each day that goes by, brings another page in our book, our book of life that is filled with joy and love. We have been through heart ache, through sadness and together found that feeling, that special feeling we feel for each other: love. Love has proven that we can see passed our flaws, passed our short-comings and see the pureness within us leading to what makes us… well us: unconditional love. When I proposed to you, I chose you, all of you. Not just the good part, or certain aspects of you, but rather all of you. I accept who you are, and who you have turned into: my best friend. So in closing this letter I write to you, I want to tell you, thank you. Thank you for being the best person you can be to me: You. I love you Annimae Nalani, now, forever, and always. 

The love of your life, Psyiah Nalani

Isn’t she just the sweetest!  I am one lucky kitten to have Psyiah for my wife.  I love you sweetheart, this meant more to me than you will ever know!

Adventures, a green bikini, and more!

Had a wonderful time with Annimae today. We did some good push on my relic so I can catch up to her, and I showed her my new bikini, I think she liked it!

My wife and I
Our Chocobos and us
I think she likes it!
I love spending any time with my wife 💕
Cuddles!! 😊
She loves my body
Her wonderful kisses 👄
Being silly!! 😂😝
Sleeping Snuggles are the best! 😊

I love you Annimae!!

~Psy 💋

You Have No Idea

Tonight we had some quiet time together.  While we chatted I looked into your eyes and I saw something.  It’s something that you can’t define.  You can’t look it up in a dictionary as it has no definition.  They only way to understand what it is I saw is to give examples.

What I saw gives itself to others with no expectation of anything in return.  It puts others before themselves.  It forgives and holds no grudges.  It is not boastful nor does it hold itself above others but instead it is humble and caring.  Tonight I saw love in your eyes.

Sure, its been there before.  I’ve seen it on multiple occasions but tonight was different.  Tonight I saw it and it hit me……it struck me just how much love you have for me.  Tonight was different because of how I reacted to your love.  I saw your love for me and I grabbed a hold of it.  Your love is a gift.  It is something that can be taken away or given to someone else.  I want you to know that I see it.  I look into your eyes and I know deep in my heart how you feel.  I can see your love for me and I am humbled to receive it.

Psyiah proposing to me.

Psyiah Nalani.  You are a treasure and a gift.  I know what I have been blessed with and I don’t take one ounce of it for granted.  You are a true part of me.  Thank you for all your love.


When you are not around….
                         I touch myself….
                              Thinking about you….

Taking a shower…
               Thinking of you…

The things you do to me… 
     The sexual tension in the room…
                                 Remains very intense…

                                              I’m your naughty girl… 
~Psy 💋
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